Petitions – 12 Dec 2020

1. Please intercede for my child to find a good secondary after the PSLE results.

2. I have been having a bad pain on my back and shoulder. Please pray for me find a good doctor and have the right treatment.

3. My daughter is going for a biopsy. Please intercede for her that the lump is not cancerous.

4. I come to you today asking you to pray for me in the financial needs I am facing today. I know that there are many others who are in a similar position and are also facing increasing costs. I pray that you look down on your all children in need.

5. Please assist my daughter-in-law who gave birth last month. She is still unwell and unable to take care of her new born.

6. My daughter who I love so much has total disrespect for my wife and me. Please my dear Mother, help her be aware of her actions that she may change her ways to be a loving, caring and respectful child.

7. I pray for my mum who is presently in the ICU fighting the Covid virus in Indonesia. My dad passed away 5 days ago due to Covid. Mother Mary, please have mercy on my mum and please intercede for her.

8. Please pray for our 13-week old baby in my womb that he/she may be well and healthy. Pray to your Son, Jesus, for our baby that he/she will grow well and be a beautiful child of God.

9. I have been anxious recently, perhaps it’s due to my friends who are getting married one by one and slowly I am the only one left behind. Please convince me that God has a better plan for my life.

10. We have been married for 15 years. My wife is seeking a divorce as our relationship has broken down. Please pray for us that my wife will take me back, forgive me and give me a chance again.