Petitions – 10 Apr 2021

1. Dearest Mother Mary, I offer to you all the countries especially those in turmoil, in particular Myanmar. Please heal the people, bless them with peace and justice in their land.

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please assist me to find a suitable job as I have been jobless for 2 years.

3. Please intercede for my unborn son. His brain has a lot of fluid that is putting a lot of pressure and the connection between his left and right brain seems to be missing. We seek your help for our son. Please grant him mercy and healing.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for me and my wife. We have been trying to conceive.

5. Please pray for my daughter to be healed from anxiety attacks and burnout.

6. Please pray for my daughter to find a fulfilling job.

7. Please show me the right path and direction in life.

8. Dear Mother Mary, I am going for treatment for my cancer. Please intercede for me.

9. Dearest Mother, please pray for my husband whose kidneys are failing and his feet are swollen. I ask for mercy and healing for his body, mind and soul. I am praying for miracle for him as he is struggling and trying to put on a brave front. I pray for strength and grace to endure this trial.