The auditorium features a 198-seating capacity, complete with lighting,
sound system and a stage for performances, praise and worship and
Meeting Rooms
There are 8 meeting rooms that will cater for the ministry and groups.
The Café has a 132-seating capacity, is fully air-conditioned and
will provide a place for respite and meals for the congregation. Part of
it can also be converted to a meeting room complete with sound
Prayer Garden
The Prayer garden is situated on the left of the existing church.
It is an open air sanctuary that is accessible 24-hours to anyone. At the
sanctuary stands a mosaic of the Mother of Perpetual Help Icon
mounted on a decorative rock.
Book room
There is a book room that sells religious and devotional items for
personal prayer or for gifts.
Flower Kiosk
Flowers and bouquets can be purchased from the flower kiosk for
offering at the OMPH Shrine in the Main Church or at the Mosaic OMPH
Icon in prayer garden.